How often to wash the bedding? Dirty bedding may cause diseases.

The mites on the bedding are a problem that many people feel distressed. How to remove the mites on the bedding is also what everyone wants to know. Today, EmperorsHome will tell you about this knowledge.

Dust mites are animals that look like spiders and are smaller than chalk crumbs. Most of them live in pillows, mattresses, blankets, and furry toys. They mainly live on the scales falling off human skin every day. Inside a pillow As many as 6,500 dust mites can be found, and 2 million dust mites can be hidden in a mattress.

Harm of dust mites

Although dust mites are small, they are much larger than viruses and bacteria. Therefore, each dust mite carries a large number of viruses and bacteria in its body. Dust mites can spread with dust, human clothes and pets. Some infectious diseases such as hand, foot and mouth disease, toxoplasmosis, influenza, epidemic pneumonia, epidemic encephalitis, hemorrhagic fever, etc. may spread. Acne, acne, rosacea, asthma, and skin allergies may be caused by mites. Many people have repeated small red bumps on their chests and backs are also caused by demodex parasites.


How to clear dust mites?

In order to thoroughly prevent the damage of mites in the family, you must always open doors and windows, insist on ventilation and light transmission, especially when using air conditioners, pay more attention to indoor ventilation. (Note: mites cannot be removed at all, just like bacteria. They cannot be killed forever)

1. Wash bed pillows once every three months

If it is machine-washed, you can choose a mild washing method. Rinse after thoroughly mixing hot water and liquid detergent. It is not recommended to use powdered cleaning products because there will be residues after washing. It is recommended to continue to rinse twice after a washing process, so that the laundry detergent can be fully rinsed. Finally, the pillow must be fully dried and dried.

2. The curtains are washed once every six months

Many people do not pay much attention to the cleaning of curtains. It takes one year to hang them. Some families do not even wash them every two or three years. This will cause the curtains to be contaminated with a lot of dust and dust mites. If the indoor ventilation is poor, or the walls are wet, it is easy It breeds bacteria and poses other health threats to the human body.
It is recommended to wipe the dust on the curtains with a clean damp cloth in a week or two. Especially for families with children or pets, the curtains must be cleaned thoroughly once every six months.

3. The sheets are washed every 2 weeks

Bed sheets should be scalded with hot water at 55-65°C, then heated to dry or exposed to sunlight. This can remove the tiny debris, dust and sweat attached to the surface of the bedding, and can effectively help kill bacteria and mites.
For better results, you can also add a little bleach and disinfectant, but rinse thoroughly with clean water, otherwise, bleach and disinfectant as a kind of chemical agent will also have irritation hazards.

4. The mattress is cleaned up every six months

Maybe you won't believe that the seemingly bulky mattress is one of the easiest items to clean in the home. Generally speaking, cleaning once every six months is enough.
It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust on the surface of the mattress, and then wipe the surface of the mattress with a cloth dampened with cold water. If there are stains, you can use a little shampoo to gently dip it to remove the stains.

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