How to maintain and clean up long-used pillows

We can't sleep without pillow every day. Pillows make our sleep softer and more comfortable. But as a bedding that is thicker than a quilt, it is really complicated to clean. Pillows that have been used for a long time are no longer fluffy, and may still be stained with color and flavor. Cleaning is very important. Today, I will tell you some things about pillow cleaning.


1: Set pillowcases.

Pillows are really not easy to wash, but pillowcases are easier to wash. A small pillowcase is similar to a towel. It can be changed and washed once a day without delay. It is really necessary to keep the pillow clean. Some families will use pillow towels, pillowcases and pillow towels will make the pillows cleaner, especially feather pillows and other pillows that are not easy to wash and inconvenient to clean. 


2: Dry the pillow.

We said that the pillow should be covered with a pillowcase above, and the pillow insert should not be ignored. When the sun is good, you can dry the pillow insert, which not only makes the pillow insert more fluffy, but also removes mites. After all, Drying when you have time is much easier than regular cleaning.


3: Washing.

Some fiber pillows can actually be washed directly. Although they are more absorbent, they are not too troublesome to clean. Just clean the pillows as usual for clothes. After washing, spread them out and dry them to prevent the fibers from moving. If it is not fluffy after drying, you can manually tear the fiber to make the fiber fluffy.


4: Regular replacement.

Although it can be cleaned and dried regularly, it is recommended that you change the pillow regularly, because like towels, the more time you use, the more bacteria there will be. Pillows are directly in contact with our face. Naturally The cleaner the better, so you can replace a pillow about a year, especially those pillows that tend to become flat after a long period of time, it is necessary to replace them.

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