How to properly clean the Sheets & Duvet Cover Set? 90% people are wrong

If the bed sheets and duvet cover are left unwashed for a long time, they will be extremely dirty and will breed a lot of bacteria and mites. When I think of a lot of mites on the bed, are you worried? So please develop good hygiene habits and change sheets and quilts frequently. So, how to clean the sheets and quilts correctly? We take a look.


Precautions for washing and protecting Sheets or Duvet Cover Set

1. Do not pour detergent directly on the product

When cleaning the bedding, many users throw the bedding into the washing machine and pour detergent, and it is wrong to activate the washing machine button! Before the detergent is fully diluted with water, pouring it directly on the bedding will cause the dye on the fabric to be concentrated, and the detergent will have a chemical effect, leading to fading.

2. Do not soak for more than 15 minutes

How much should the sheets and quilts soak to be cleaned? This is wrong! Such as pure cotton, silk, hemp, tencel, etc. have very good water absorption. Long soaking time will cause damage to the fabric and dirt molecules into the fiber, making it more difficult to wash.


3. The washing mode is strictly distinguished by material

The washing machine has many washing modes, is it guaranteed to be able to be washed by strong washing? The answer is wrong! Because many fabrics cannot withstand strong washing, such as Tencel, modal, silk, etc., and real washing is never strong washing, but gentle washing methods should be used to reduce damage.

4. No fabric can withstand exposure

You might think that exposure to the sun will kill bacteria, right? In fact, this may cause fabric fading and fiber damage. Therefore, many users have problems such as yellowing and brittleness of fabrics after exposure, especially silk fabrics must not be exposed to the sun, and they can be dried appropriately in the sun.

5. It is better to wash bed sheet set & duvet cover set once every half a month

There is no complete standard for how often sheets and quilt covers should be washed, but as a rule of thumb, the washing frequency of sheets should be higher than that of quilt covers. The bed sheets are washed once every 1-2 weeks, and the duvet cover is washed once every half a month. If it is not washed for a long time, the fabric will be dirty and difficult to clean, and the fabric will be wrinkled and difficult to recover.

Sheet maintenance tips

In terms of bed sheet maintenance, light-colored and dark-colored sheets should be stored separately to avoid yellowing of the color of the sheets. White silk bed sheets cannot be placed in mothballs or stored in a camphor wooden box, otherwise it will turn yellow. The bed sheets should be cleaned and dried thoroughly when they are stored in storage to avoid the growth of bacteria during storage. When not in use for a long time, you can dry it in the sun before use to make it fluffy.

The above content is a brief introduction on how to properly clean the sheets and quilts. I hope it can help you. Sheets and quilts are in close contact with our body every day, so we must change and disinfect them frequently to reduce the breeding of bacteria and mites and protect our health.

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