How To Wash Pillows Correctly? Pillows Right Care Ways.

Pillows that have been used for a long time will inevitably turn yellow and sometimes give off peculiar smells. This kind of yellow mark is mainly the saliva produced during sleep, the sweat produced by the head metabolism, the oily secretions of the face and scalp, which are combined with the light-colored fabric of the pillow and duvet cover, and the stains after drying.

Therefore, by developing good living habits, yellowing of the pillow can be avoided to a large extent. We list 2 habits for your reference.

1. Wash your hair frequently, it is best to wash your hair once every two days. If you don't wash it for too long, a lot of oil will be secreted from the roots of your hair, leaving marks on the pillowcase. Over the long term, the pillowcase will breed a lot of bacteria, and it will slowly turn yellow and form stubborn stains.

2. When changing the pillowcase regularly, when sleeping, the nose is very close to the pillowcases. If there is a peculiar smell on the pillowcase, it is strange to get a good night's sleep. Therefore, it is recommended that you change the pillowcase regularly, so that it is not easy to leave old dirt, and it will not produce peculiar smell.

But what should I do if the pillows get dirty?

After mastering the cleaning method, the pillow core can also be washed. Washing the pillow in the sun at regular intervals can also prevent the breeding of mites. Depending on the material of the pillow core, different maintenance and cleaning methods can be used.

Chemical fiber pillows are mainly made of synthetic fibers, which have poor elasticity, air permeability and water absorption. After a long time or if they have not been cleaned for a long time, they are easy to breed bacteria and become the cradle of mites.

It is recommended to wash it by machine or hand, preferably once every 3 months. If it is for sterilization, it can be dried properly, but not exposed to the sun.

Down pillows use down and feathers as fillers. They are light and soft in texture, strong in heat preservation, and can absorb moisture and spread, but allergy sufferers should choose carefully.

It is recommended that down pillow cores can be washed by hand instead of machine washing and dry cleaning. It is best to dry it when the weather is fine.

Latex pillows are made of rubber tree sap through fermentation and other processes, which naturally have anti-mite and antibacterial effects, and are very breathable and elastic.

It is recommended that the latex pillow can be washed in water, but it must be washed by hand. The washing machine will wring the latex structure. After washing, place to dry in a cool place

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