Is it necessary to use Top Sheet for bedding ?

A top sheet is the same flat sheet sometimes more simply known as, also much like fitted sheet, but placed over the bed occupant. it lies between you and your blanket or duvet cover while the fitted sheet fits snugly around the mattress.

Do you really need Top sheet to sleep?

The answer is unnecessary.The top sheet is an unnecessary layer that can make you sleep hot. "A top sheet is the gift wrap of bedding: It looks nice, but you need to throw it away," says Maggie Lange in a post published on, more and more people use covered comforter (Which is One piece of comforter set), which brings more comfortable touch to the skin.


The Pros of Sleeping With a Top Sheet

Top sheets have been around for a long time, so it makes sense that that there are many reasons using one is a smart move. One such reason is that it keeps you from having to frequently wash your comforter or duvet cover.

“The only thing more annoying than washing dirty sheets? Washing a big, unruly comforter,”

Changing and laundering bedding can be quite the chore, as anyone who has done it once (or a hundred times!) well knows. Who enjoys lugging their comforter to the laundromat or washing machine on a weekly basis, or having to unbutton and rebutton your duvet to remove the cover to wash it?

“If you don't use a top sheet, and your comforter doesn't have a protective cover, you're going to want to wash it more frequently,”

A duvet cover should be washed as often as you change your sheets, unless you use a top sheet—if you do use a top sheet, you can get away with washing your duvet cover less often (we recommend every two to four weeks). And if you use just a duvet with no cover (or a comforter) without a top sheet, to keep your sleeping area sanitary, you'll want to wash your entire duvet or comforter every week (as often as you wash your sheets). But with a top sheet, you can just wash your sheet set each week instead of cleaning the whole duvet, too. If you already struggle to stick to standard sheet-washing recommendations, using a top sheet can help you reduce the struggle by keeping harder-to-wash layers cleaner for longer.

A top sheet is also a great alternative to sleeping under a heavy blanket during warmer weather. In the spring and summer, it can be used as your sole blanket.

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