What is the best way to store duvets?

There are several precautions for storing duvets. If it is unreasonably stored, the consequence is that improper storage of the duvet may cause problems such as yellowing, smell, and fluffy. There are mainly 2 steps to store duvets. Here is duvet store guide from EmperorsHome.

  • Step 1 : ventilate and dry in advance (avoid reproduction of mites, yellowing, and peculiar smell)

Before storing the duvet, it is recommended to clean it once, but it must not be dry-cleaned. Dry cleaning will damage the duvet and affect its bulkiness. Don't worry if it is inconvenient to clean, but it must be ventilated and dried. Don't expose it to the sun, and you don't need to dry it on the balcony all day, because it may absorb moisture.

 Down can remove moisture, better prevent the reproduction of mites and bacteria, and prevent the moisture from turning yellow after the down is stored. In addition, Lanbo reminds you to choose goose down when choosing a duvet, because the duvet made of duck meat will have a peculiar smell.


  • Step 2: Store in a cloth bag (to avoid damaging the down and affecting the fluffy)

Down has a spherical structure, and the fiber cannot be compressed under vacuum for a long time. In order to save space, many friends choose to use vacuum compression bags to pack fluffy duvets. Although convenient, it does a lot of damage to down. Generally speaking, the quilt can be compressed at 70%, so don't overdo it.

If you use a cloth bag to pack the duvet, you can protect the quilt, breathe and breathe moisture. A bag of activated carbon or desiccant can be placed in the storage bag, which can absorb moisture and remove peculiar smells. However, be careful not to put mothballs in order to prevent the quilt from turning yellow.

Finally, Lanbo Sleeping Home should remind: After storing the down, please put it in a dry and shading place, and do not store it directly in a place with strong light. Long-term light will affect the discoloration of the quilt. In addition, when storing the duvet, please do not put it on the bottom layer, try to put the duvet on the top layer, because the long-term pressure will affect the fluffy.

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