Will A Standard Comforter Fit into a Duvet Cover?

When we purchasing a Duvet Cover, please note that the size of the Duvet cover can only be slightly larger than the size of the Comforter, between 10cm and 20 cm. If the Duvet cover is too large or too small, the Duvet will be rolled up in the Duvet cover or feels cover empty.

Common comforter sizes (inch) sold at department stores:

  • Oversized Queen: 90 x 96 to 90 x 98
  • Oversized King: 106 x 96 to 108 x 98

Common comforter sizes (inch) used in USA:

  • Queen: 90 x 90
  • XL Queen: 90 x 95
  • King: 104 x 90
  • XL King: 104 x 95

When choosing a quilt cover, it is best to choose a product type that is easy to clean. Comfortable, soft, and non-irritating Egyptian cotton is very suitable. At the same time, pure cotton is also divided into high-count high-density cloth and ordinary pure cotton cloth. From the perspective of durability, it is best to choose a higher price but good quality high-density high-density cloth. Quilt covers, sheets and pillowcases made of pure cotton.


1. The quilt has been in contact with the human body during use. Human sweat and other stains are easy to touch the quilt. In order to prevent the quilt from being soiled, you should make or buy a suitable quilt cover when using it. Get up, so it's soiled, and it's easy to take apart and wash. If it is soiled, the duvet should be sent to a dry cleaner for dry cleaning, while the general fiber quilt can be machine washed directly.

2. Because the fabric of the duvet is anti-pile treatment, the entire duvet surface is very tight, so as to keep warm, and a little hole will also escape the duvet, so be especially careful when using it to avoid being pierced by sharp objects. Children in the house should pay special attention not to hold sharp objects to play on the bed.

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