• Precautions for Washing Printing and Embroidering Bedding

    Precautions for Washing Printing and Embroidering Bedding

      Using the correct method when washing bedding can not only keep its color bright, but also enhance its service life. We often have a misunderstanding when washing bedding: that is, washing bedding is a procedure. In fact, according to the process, color, fabric, size, etc. of the bedding, in the washing process, it cannot be operated in a unified mode. The following are...
  • How to choose the right bedding for us

    How to choose the right bedding for us

      Detail 1: Choose high-quality fabrics To put it simply, the fabric materials of high-end bedding are:silk>cotton>blend>polyester The cotton species are mainly divided into four categories. Fine Staple Cotton: Originated in Central America and the Caribbean. Long-staple cotton: native to the Andes of South America, and later spread to the Atlantic coast and the West Indies. Rough staple cotton: Intraspecies can be divided into...
  • The three functions of pillows

    The three functions of pillows

      I believe that everyone needs to use it when sleeping. In life, there should be very few people who do not sleep without pillows. As a kind of bedding, pillows play an extremely important role when we sleep. Next, let's take a look at why people generally need pillows when they sleep, and what is the function of pillows? 1, to ensure the...
  • Classification of pillows

    Classification of pillows

      A pillow is a tool for sleep. It is generally believed that a pillow is a kind of stuffing that people use for sleep comfort. From modern medical research, we can know that the human spine is a straight line when viewed from the front, but a curve with four physiological curves when viewed from the side. In order to protect the normal...
  • How to sleep on a pillow correctly?

    How to sleep on a pillow correctly?

    Many people remove pillows because they feel uncomfortable using them every day, but is this sleeping method worth promoting? Experts believe that not sleeping with pillows will not only not improve sleep status, but also have some negative effects on health. So how should we sleep on the pillow correctly? The correct way of pillow 1. The pillow must be just placed from the...
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