2021 Egyptian Cotton Introduction

What Is Egyptian Cotton?

High-quality cotton produced in Egypt. It is characterized by long down (fiber length exceeding 31.8 mm), rich silk luster, tough texture, and good dyeing effect. It is the finest raw material for the textile industry and has a long-standing reputation in the world.

  • Introduction

Egyptian cotton, also known as Egyptian long-staple cotton, has a long-standing reputation in the world and is known as "Platinum". Egyptian cotton is native to the South Asian subcontinent. It loves high temperatures and rain. Tropical grasslands, temperate and tropical monsoon regions are most suitable for its growth. Due to the advancement of irrigation technology and the improvement of cotton quality requirements, after the war, cotton was increasingly concentrated in arid areas with irrigation conditions, and cotton production required a large amount of labor, and the development of mechanization was late. High, these factors have affected the inconsistency of the regional distribution of cotton production and consumption.

  • Type

Mainly include: GIZA (Giza) 45, GIZA 70, GIZA 86 and other varieties, of which GIZA 70 has the largest output, accounting for about 75% of the total output of Egyptian long-staple cotton, and GIZA 86 accounting for about 10%. GIZA 45 is the best in terms of length and physical indicators, but the output is very small. GIZA 70 is the mainstream variety on the market

  • Grade

Including six full-levels (extra, fully good, good, fully good fair, good fair, fully fair) and 5 half-levels in between. In fact, the Egyptian Cotton Exporters Association (ALCOTEXA) announces the opening price every year At that time, the grading of Egyptian long-staple cotton was quoted at every 1/16 grade difference. Because of its fine grading, domestic enterprises mainly import long-staple cotton according to the sample standard provided by cotton merchants.


  • Use

Spinning, combed yarn, combed pagoda yarn and other high-end yarns. EmperorsHome provide Egyptian Cotton Bedding linens, Why it's the best materials for duvet cover & sheet set.

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