Can you dry pillows in the dryer?

Can you dry pillows in the dryer? The Answer Is Yes.

Dryers can be divided into industrial and civilian use. Industrial dryers are also called drying equipment or dryers. Civil dryers are a type of washing machine. They are generally used to remove clothing and other textiles after the water is washed away. Of moisture.

The dryer has several modes such as belt drying, tumble drying, box drying, tower drying, etc.; heat sources include coal, electricity, gas, etc.; materials in the drying process include hot air flow and radiation, etc. , Hot air drum drying is the hot air moving forward from the tail, fully contacting the material, and making full use of the heat transfer through heat conduction, convection and radiation.

The heat energy is directly transferred to the material, so that the moisture of the material is continuously evaporated in the cylinder. The air-inducing device at the material inlet draws out a large amount of moisture and humid air flow to prevent secondary pollution caused by dust discharge; internal spiral stirring and sweeping Scattering and copying the board, advancing the movement of the material, and completing the entire drying process; countercurrent conduction dehumidification, avoiding the reduction of repeated drying procedures.

Mainly used for conveying materials and other media, made of stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. The heated gas is introduced into the container mainly through a fan, and the drying effect has been achieved. The main application theory is direct-flow hot air drying. Cooling section: The sudden cooling of high-temperature objects will denature the material. The main purpose of the cooling section is to gradually cool down, which is mainly reflected in the length of the dryer. Bottom segment: The material is finally separated from the equipment from the discharge port.

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