How often to replace the bed linen and duvet cover?

Sheets and duvet cover sets touch our skin every day. If the interval between changing and washing is too long, bacteria will breed and dust will accumulate, which will affect our sleep and health. But how often to replace and wash appropriate? in fact, It can be divided into seasons to say.

The temperature rises in spring, coupled with the slow melting and evaporation of condensed water vapor due to the low temperature in winter, the increase in air humidity makes it easy to breed bacteria and mites, so the bed linen and quilt cover should be changed frequently, and it is more appropriate to change it every two weeks.

In summer, the weather is hot, sweating is large at night, and the bed sheets and duvets get dirty faster. In addition, there is a lot of dust in the air in summer, and humidity is also very conducive to the growth of bacteria, so it is recommended to change and wash once a week, but not too frequently, so as not to damage the elasticity of the bedding.

Autumn is the season favored by all kinds of bacteria. It has just transitioned from summer, the temperature is suitable, and there is no strong ultraviolet ray sterilization, the bacteria multiply quickly, so the bed linen should be changed and washed every two weeks like spring. This will not only ensure the cleanliness of the bedding, but also benefit personal health.

In winter, the time for changing and washing sheets and quilt covers can be slightly extended, just once a month. Because of the cold winter and dry air, bacteria are not easy to grow, and sweating is relatively low. Of course, in addition to seasons, sometimes you can also refer to the skin type to determine the frequency of washing. For example, oily skin secretes a lot of oil during rest, and the bed sheet and quilt cover are easy to get dirty, so it is necessary to change and wash frequently; for non-oily skin, the frequency of changing and washing can be appropriately reduced.

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