How to get an oil-like stain out of a comforter?

In our daily life, it is inevitable that stubborn oil stains will be accidentally applied to the duvet cover set. Many housewives encounter this situation and do not know how to clean up the oil stains. Today we share the methods to remove the oil stains:

1. Soaking method: soak the bed sheets in warm water for one day and one night, add an appropriate amount of washing powder in the warm water, or cut the soap into small strips and dissolve it with boiling water and put it into it. When you wash it the next day, you will find that many stains will be removed with a gentle rub. If there are stubborn oil stains that are still not easy to wash off, you can sprinkle baking soda on it, and then rub it with your hands.

2. Caustic soda is an industrial raw material with the first decontamination ability. Clothes that are dirty all year round can be easily washed white with caustic soda. But be sure to pay attention to safety during use. You can first wear gloves to melt it with hot water, and then soak the oily part in it for about half an hour, you can see that the water turns yellow, and the oily stain is easily removed.

3. Dishwashing liquid can also remove oil stains on the sheets. If the oil stains are not very large, and the oil stains are just sprinkled, you can use detergent to directly apply to the oil stains, then rub it a few times, and then wash with water. Generally, the oil stains can be removed. (Great effect)

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