Importance Of Replacing Your Pillows. If So, How Ofen?

How often do you replace your pillow? We believe that many families take out the pillow insert and wash the pillowcases in a while, they thinking that this is enough to ensure the cleanliness of the pillow. As for how often the pillow is changed, more people may not realize the importance of replacing pillows.

Due to long-term use, various substances such as oil secreted by the human body's epidermis, exhaled air, shed hair, dander, etc. will enter the pillow; in addition, the pillow will also become deformed due to long-term use. Therefore, it is necessary to change pillows regularly. If you do not change pillows for a long time, it will bring a lot of harm to your health.


1. Causes facial skin problems

When sleeping, the facial skin is in direct and long-term contact with the pillow, which makes the sundries, bacteria and other harmful substances in the pillow stick to the face, which can easily cause facial infections, leading to acne, acne and other types of facial Skin problems.

2. Cause respiratory diseases

When we sleep close to the pillow, the harmful substances in the pillow will enter the respiratory tract and lungs when we breathe. If the pillow is not changed for a long time, breathing air mixed with bacteria for a long time will easily lead to the appearance of respiratory diseases.

3. Cause cervical spine problems

If you sleep on a pillow for a long time without replacing it, the pillow will be severely deformed, and the pillow surface will be uneven. Sleeping with such a pillow for a long time can easily cause neck discomfort and induce various cervical spine diseases.

It can be seen that it is necessary to change pillows regularly, which is a kind of responsibility for our health. So, how often is it more reasonable to change the pillow?

For pillow insert with different fillings, the replacement cycle is also different.

  • Latex pillow, replace every 3~4 years;
  • Down pillows should be replaced once every 2 to 3 years;
  • Chemical fiber pillows need to be replaced every 3 months.
Pillow Care and Replacement Guidelines
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