Why Egyptian long-staple cotton is the most popular in autumn and winter of 2021?

In autumn and winter, pure cotton is the most popular, but do you know there are many names for pure cotton, such as: ordinary pure cotton, Xinjiang long-staple cotton, Egyptian long-staple cotton, American Pima cotton, etc. Which one is the best? Someone asked: Is Pima cotton the best? The Answer is: It cannot be simply evaluated like this.

High-Quality Egyptian Long-Staple Cotton Only Accounts for 0.4% Of The World

Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and Xinjiang cotton were once distributed in large numbers on the southeastern coastal islands of the United States, so they are called sea island cotton. Egyptian cotton has been domesticated for a long period of time in Egypt, with good quality and the widest production area. Among them, the cotton from the "Giza 45" production area in Egypt is recognized as the best cotton in the world, accounting for 0.4% of the Egyptian cotton output. so it is extremely rare, good quality, rare is expensive!

The Benefits of Egyptian Long-staple Cotton

  • Egyptian cotton fabric is cool and breathable fit for Duvet Cover Set
  • Antibacterial health care, non-sweat
  • 50% higher breathability than general mercerized cotton
  • The quick-drying effect is stronger than ordinary cotton fabrics, and Egyptian cotton bed sheet set is easy to clean.
  • Finest of yarns without sacrificing the strength of the yarn
  • Fabrics more solid and more resistant to stress
  • Its softness feels like nothing else in the world

Why is Egyptian long-staple cotton better than Xinjiang cotton?

Although Xinjiang cotton and Egyptian cotton belong to the same sea island cotton, they have different growth conditions such as sunlight and soil. For example, their maturity is similar. However, Xinjiang cotton has less linters than Egyptian cotton, but Egyptian cotton is stronger than Xinjiang. Natural distortion, surface friction coefficient, moisture regain rate are better than Xinjiang cotton, with stronger fiber cohesion, Egyptian Cotton spinning is better than the other cottons.


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