Why Is There Dust Collect Under The Bed?

While we clean our house, we can often see that there is dust under a lot of furniture, such as sofas and beds. We may clean the floor and desk everyday. So why is there dust under the sofa and bed ?

In fact, we can explain this phenomenon from the perspective of physics:

In a dark room, if there is a ray of sunlight coming in, you can observe the floating dust. There are fine dust in powder form, as well as filamentous and flocculent ones. Air flow is the key condition for its production. The floating dust particles in the room collide with the air flow caused by people's walking, window ventilation, etc., and thus merge into larger particles. This phenomenon is called coalescence in physics. The duvet cover set & bed sheet is easier to absorb some particles in the air, and then people sometimes shake the duvet or comforter caused spreading these particles and dust under the bed.

Most of the dust particles have the same electric charge. According to the charge of the same sex and the opposite sex, some dust particles will show a loose state due to the repulsive force of the electric charge. This state is easily broken due to the instability of the air again. . After a period of time, the air flow is relatively calm, and some larger dust particles will fall to the ground due to gravity.

The bookcase and the bottom of the bed are relatively hidden places in the room. Compared with the indoor air, the air here is relatively humid and cold, which causes the convection effect. Most of the bookcases are against the wall, there will be no strong external air disturbance, the relative humidity is high, the dust charge potential is reduced, and the state of the particle cluster is gradually stable. Also, because the previously formed loose state has a large surface area, some other dust was picked up along the way, and a larger flocculent structure was formed by rolling up and down.

How to clean the dust under the bed?
You can use a sweeping robot.
It is recommended that housewives send sweeping robot under the bed and sofa everyday, and the dust will be no chance gather together.
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