In May 2018, Davis Found An Old Notebook While Lodging At An Egyptian Cotton Plantation. It Record Design Diagrams By A Tailor Who Made Bedding Sets For The British Imperial Family 150 Years Ago. Emperorshome Have Made A Great Success To Restore The Beddings Of The Imperial Family By Combined Designers: Martina Colombo, Johanna Eriksson And Paschalis López...
Our Team

Clement Davis

Johanna Eriksson

Martina Colombo

Paschalis López

The DUVET COVER SET Difference
All of our products are certified by the Cotton Egypt Association for purity so our customers can be assured they're receiving genuine 100% Egyptian Cotton products.
Pure authentic Egyptian Cotton is grown exclusively in the Nile Delta, the only place Certified Egyptian Cotton is grown, where the fertile soil and unique climate help the cotton plant Gossypium Barbadense grow slower for longer, producing exceptionally fine fibers (Fiber Length Exceeds 31.8 mm), used to make what are considered to be the world's luxurious textiles.
45% Higher Toughness Than Regular Cotton
Egyptian Cotton
Regular Cotton
Egyptian Cotton Is More Conducive For Coloring
Egyptian Cotton
Regular Cotton
Egyptian cotton is known for being the best due to its extra-long staple fibers. Longer fibers make stronger, softer, and more durable fabrics that fray and pill less.
Designed with Intent
After the perfect job of "The Palace Series Restoration", the EmperorsHome designers specially created more styles for different groups of users: such as the splendid "Floral Series", the elegant & beautiful "Flamingo Series", and the noble & classic "Bee Series". We believe that there will be one you will like in all these series.
Thanks to Egyptian Cotton's naturally extra-long staple fibers, there are fewer breaks in the cotton when the yarn is spun. This leads to a stronger, smoother fabric, which doesn't require artificial finishes for the softest, most luxurious sheets.

OEKO-TEX Standard 100

we provide a non-toxic,
skin-friendly sleeping environment - making sure that you won't be bothered with allergies, smells, itchiness of any kind.


Our duvet covers prevent unwanted odors by absorbing bacteria and wicking away sweat up to 50% faster than regular cotton to reduce more than 99.9% of bacteria, keeping sheets fresh for longer with fewer washes.

Recognition from the world

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